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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable to the use of Quotebee.co.za

Your privacy is of great value to us and as such this policy is easily available throughout the site to assist you in understanding how information is used while you make use of  the site and the information in it.

Log Files and Cookies

The analytical packages which are used on this site are of industry standard. Limited information on our users is gathered automatically and stored in server log files. This information is totally anonymous and does not identify the user in any way. It includes information such as referring information, IP addresses, browser type, basic IP information, Operating Systems as well as date and time. The information is used purely for administrative purposes, to assess trends and website usage.

Cookies can be defined as small text files which are stored on your personal computer as a means of reference. It allows quicker and easier access to logins and repeat visits to the site. The storage of these cookies is in no way linked to your personal information and as such you are completely protected.

Cookies used by advertisers on our site are completely autonomous. We have no access to this information.

Registration and use of Personal Information

The use of and access to this site does not require registration. There may, however, be forums, blogs, message boards and other similar functionality that may require that you register on the site. This is especially true should you want to contribute messages or articles.

Should the need arise that you need to register you can be assured that all your personal information will be kept private and not shared with any third party, unless you fully consent to it.

Please note that should any identifiable information be contained in your contributions to the site, such as through a blog, forums or messages, we cannot be held liable for such information being made available to anyone who uses the site and who may view such information.


Although industry standards are used to provide substantial security on the site it must be noted that no system of electronic storage is 100% fail proof. While every effort is made to protect you and your personal information, we cannot accept responsibility for your complete security. This is true for any organisation.

Should you require any further information regarding our security practices please feel free to email us.

Links to Other Websites

Our site may contain links to other websites. It must be stated that we are in no way responsible for the security provided or privacy policies on such sites. It is, therefore, highly recommended that you fully review these sites and ascertain the security measures they have in place. This should be the general practice on any site which you may visit. This will ensure your peace of mind when visiting such sites.

Legal Disclaimer

Should it be required by law that we release your personal information we reserve the right to do so. This will be done when we believe that such disclosure is necessary and/or required as part of judiciary proceedings, legal process or court order and to protect our rights